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We are the shared travel platform connecting all aspects of travel.

  • Frustrated with the high prices associated with travel?
  • Annoyed with the high barrier to entry when investing in Real Estate?
  • Tired of rewards working in one place and not another?

We've got a solution - better than every segmented travel app.

The All-In-One Travel Solution

  • Pay for all global travel expenses from one account
  • Avoid fees on multiple platforms and currency exchanges
  • A unified reward point system lets you cash in on all the miles you travel
  • Unlock exclusive discounts and perks
  • TravelBugs verified airlines, rideshare and property hosts

Decentralized Travel
coming soon ...

  • Direct travel booking marketplace built on the blockchain
  • Lower (or eliminate) fees
  • A unified reward point system lets you cash in on all the miles you travel
  • Transparent & verifiable
  • Unified rewards across the entire travel industry

Real Estate Investing
coming soon ...

  • Low barriers to entry for building your portfolio
  • Benefits of ownership without hassle of management
  • Private ownership perks and rewards on the platform
  • Passive Income from investments
  • Reduce travel costs for members

Play-to-Earn Travel Game
coming soon ...

  • Augmented Reality to enhance travel experiences
  • Level up by competing against or joining other players to find Golden Eggs filled with massive prizes
  • In-game purchases like custom bug features, digital apparel and secret quests
  • Redeemable real-world rewards to lower travel costs

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